"But in the end, this hunger always returned, an addiction that needed to be fed."

Sergey is a Russian gangster unafraid of taking out anyone perceived as an annoyance to him or his business. Hans is a family man from South Africa who is often called away to travel on business, except his business is death. Joe Scattini is an investment banker who is fending off attempts to have his financial division sold off. David Kettner is a banker engaged in money laundering who has opted to abscond with money that is the property of organized crime. As Joe fights to keep his division, he keeps large losses off the balance sheet and browbeats subordinates into compliance. David has fled the country with his girlfriend, and Hans is traversing the globe and silencing problematic witnesses for men like Sergey. Each day brings more danger.

Men like Joe, David, Sergey, and Hans swim in a sea of amorality, where their actions are motivated by their excesses and addictions. Joe’s actions are driven by his insatiable need for power and control, whereas David wants to keep his girlfriend pleased and comfortable. Sergey uses the omnipresent threat of violence to make people bend to his will. The financial world is wickedly portrayed as a sink-or-swim environment where money talks and people are expendable. The story’s narrative alternates between the money men such as Joe and David to the more entertaining and dangerous perspective of charismatic hitman Hans. Despite his murderous ways, Hans’ backstory distinguishes him as a superior character to Joe and David. Ironically, there is more humanity attributed to him than to any of the other main figures. This book reads like a modern-day parable that never loses its luster.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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