"Imagine! In 1951 our Sun Youth Travel Group visited St James’ Place in London for afternoon tea with the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester."

Legge joined the Emerald Scout Group in Victoria, Australia, at age twelve and went on to enrich the lives of countless young people for more than forty years thereafter. Legge became known as the “Man in Khaki Shorts” and was inspired by the queen to become a Queen’s Scout.

Filled with meaningful photos, Legge’s book is both a trip down memory lane and a testament to the importance of Scouts. Photos range from the author’s Wood Badge beads to the Royal Melbourne Regiment, giving the reader personal insight into Legge’s joyful life and times in scouting. The oversized book makes for a terrific coffee table book that can be perused at leisure and read in small tidbits. The old-time photos (taken long before iPhones) are particularly uplifting and will certainly bring smiles to the reader. The author’s love of adventure, Australia, and scouting is palpable in this heartfelt book.

Told in first-person narrative, Legge takes his reader on a sentimental journey from boyhood to manhood, all the while espousing his great love and admiration for the Scouts. Alongside his personal letters and memories, the book describes the beautiful and oftentimes rigorous countryside of Australia. Chapters include tales of camping, awards received, and Legge’s fond recollections of rallies and balls. Known for both his impressive achievements as well as his immensely kind demeanor, Legge is a clear legend in the world of scouting. This is an inspirational book that will spur future generations to get involved with scouting in Australia and elsewhere.

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