The Golden Kettle Produces Gold
by Goldberg Ekwelle
PageTurner Press and Media

"We are one Earth, and in the trend of migration, travel, and innovations, we have become more or less, one nation."

Pastor, teacher, and writer Ekwelle offers hope at a time when humanity needs it most. With an eclectic, global perspective, Ekwelle demonstrates how America is a microcosm of the Earth, serving as home to many species and cultures. With a positive outlook, he argues that America is a land of opportunity for immigrants and natives alike.

His book, rendered in two parts, begins with a cosmic perspective of the Earth and its relationship to humankind. He then transitions to the inner workings of individuals and society over time. He presents the first portion in a developmental chronology, beginning with the biological and psychological attributes humans have over animals. He then celebrates and reflects upon education, enterprise, governing structures, the well-known American Dream, and finally about empathy and its role in interpersonal and international relations. The second part addresses the evils that separate, alienate, and destroy countries and the world at large, such as expansion and hegemony. As evidenced in history, both movements breed fear, hatred, division, anarchy, and eventually war, dividing and destroying humanity and the Earth.

Like a manifesto, Ekwelle’s book offers strategies that humanity can adopt to promote autonomy and equality and facilitate the planet’s health. To make his case, Ekwelle integrates unique facts, anecdotes, and pictures to help his readership construct a positive attitude and perhaps take action. He also encourages reflections upon individual differences and what it means to be successful. In today’s complex times, Ekwelle effectively reminds humanity about America’s virtues and what can be in the future.

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