The Great Little Book of Stress Release
by R. Duncan Wallace, MD
PageTurner Press and Media

"Everyone experiences stress-inducing situations as they go about their day. No one is immune. The question is, how do you typically respond to such stress?"

This short self-help book looks into where most stress originates and how to alleviate it from one's thoughts by providing a step-by-step pathway to identifying and releasing it. Throughout the book, Wallace uses visualization exercises to create and release stress through the mind and conveys how using thoughts like "I must" or "I have to" can work against us and lead to further stress. According to Wallace, one must only change one's thoughts from "I must" to "I will if I am able" to eliminate undesired daily stress. He states that by holding on to a desired goal or unwanted outcome, you are actually "narrowing your view about the necessity and absoluteness of achieving your goal." Wallace offers truth statements for rearranging negative thought patterns that are creating stress. He believes that by replacing negative thoughts with these statements, one will, in turn, become unstressed.

Wallace's years as a psychiatrist informs his work. He has studied stress and discovered truths from his practice that have helped him develop his own methods to combat stress, which he expertly delivers within these pages. His book takes a personal approach to alleviating stress. The limited chapters, exercises, and easy to follow bullet points make it a quick and easy read. Wallace writes in a conversational approach that delivers his message in an understandable way. Additionally, he acknowledges that his readers may have concerns about implementing his stress-relieving ideas and helpfully addresses those concerns, as well. Overall, this book gives readers enough material to form an educated opinion on their personal paths towards stress-free living.

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