The Great Migration: Book One of the S’Orne Saga
by Steve Ramirez
Kindle Direct Publishing

"It was as if the events of the day sought to drown us in their relentlessness, never allowing us to rest, or take a breath."

Ramirez's book opens with a heart-pounding adventure sequence that sets the tone for this immersive mix of fantasy and science fiction. Set in the remote lands of the Kingdom, peace is threatened when the s'orne attack. A cast of characters assembles to defend the capital. Warriors, palace guards, and a royal family rev up the action and intrigue as they weave in and out of the story. Amid danger, relationships are tested, futures are uncertain, and fear fueled by hate abounds. When the s'orne attack, they release a feverish contagion that lays waste to anyone in its path. With an ambush underway, the land is ripe for heroic sacrifice. Dorinda, a young princess, will seek revenge at all costs, while an adventurer, Bellona, will mourn her first love and find purpose in the truth she learns about the s'orne.

The multiple storylines work seamlessly to advance an engrossing plot fueled by hope and destruction. The action grips the reader from the first pages and doesn't let up as Ramirez builds a world fraught with danger and populated with engaging characters like Luta, a member of the Zuni tribe and keeper of history. As Luta reveals the true story of the s'orne, the possibilities for this saga multiply, and the story expands beyond the scope of time and space. Ramirez has tapped into a seemingly limitless exploration of this world he has created. As he unfolds his tale, the rich history and culture of the Kingdom become fully realized, and his imagined world comes to life. Intricately detailed, this riveting adventure is just the beginning of a new saga.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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