"When you make a choice, then the choice would choose for you; sometimes immediate and sometimes later, but either way, the choice was made."

In this book, readers discover a swath of stories bearing a moral message and characters who make that message possible. The book holds charming stories like “The Foolish Frog and the Scheming Scorpion,” “The Babbling Parrot and the Creepy Crows,” and “The Mystery of the Caterpillar and the Great Assignment Day.” Other stories like “Sandy and Destiny” contemplate the existence of the small elements which make a huge difference in daily life. Tales like “Dust and Dusty” offer readers insights into the universe’s mysteries, including their creation, and feature a bit of humor: “The fact that mankind was created from the dust of the ground shouldn’t come as a surprise to an informed individual.” Some stories, like “A Young Jockey and the Little Tan Racehorse,” remind readers about the power of words and how they should be chosen carefully.

The book’s structure makes the text easy to follow and understand. Most stories are divided into smaller “chapters,” and each chapter houses an important part of the narrative. The book is filled with memorable, wise insights appropriate for readers of all ages. In fact, many of the stories are excellent resources for young people and older people looking for a unique way to answer some of existence’s most difficult questions. The selections are positive and inspiring, and they will encourage readers to always look for life’s bright side. This book is the key for those looking for a personable way to explore their faith. For readers looking to add a bit of positive enlightenment to their day, the stories in this book are sure to make them smile.

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