"Spaceface is a blackhole that sucks you in. You can spend hours reading posts and looking at pictures that other people have posted that really mean nothing to you."

In this novel, readers meet Emma Drei, a young woman whose romance is shattered after her fiance reveals a devastating secret. After months of deep depression, Emma burns her wedding dress in her mother's backyard. She then takes a huge trip toward healing by booking a trip to Cairns, Australia. Emma travels the Land Down Under and makes acquaintances with Sharon Yang, a feisty woman who acts as Emma's voice of reason. She also thwarts the advances of Jensen, the first mistake made in Australia. Meanwhile, readers discover that second chances do happen as they watch Emma meet Cooper, a man from Sydney who is about to change the course of Emma's life forever.

Packed with humor, this page-turner keeps readers wanting more of Emma's adventures as she navigates loss and recovery, friendship and family. Emma is a fun narrator whose quirky, sometimes darkly humored insights leave readers laughing out loud. Beneath the humor, however, readers encounter a deep-thinking woman, one who often prioritizes others' happiness over her own but who relies on faith to see her through her dismal days. As readers travel with the protagonist through her pains, losses, and gains, they find themselves leaving the pages of this book not only with a memorable narrator as their guide but with a friend who cared enough to share her journey with others. A more adventurous version of Bridget Jones' Diary, this book gives readers hope that no matter what they experience, if they look hard enough a second chance might just be around a corner, or perhaps where they least expect it. This is the perfect, fun summer read.

A 2020 Eric Hoffer Book Award Category Finalist

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