The Killer Hunters: Book One Lexi
by Damon Peel
Mindstir Media

"Those villains—or Killers, as we call them—are real, and we do what we can to derail them as much as possible."

Colt Crimson and Lance Emerald hunt killers that mysteriously materialize from horror movies and wreak havoc in the real world. Through meticulous preparation, research, and training, this tactical duo targets walking nightmares like Scarecrow Brady and Isaac the Killer Marionette, setting traps for their destruction. In this first installment of the series, new recruit Lexi hopes to prove herself against these murderous foes. In her youth, she survived an attack by a horror movie killer who attacked her at a party, and she narrowly escaped with the help of Crimson and Lance. Haunted by the trauma, she channels her hope and recovery into fighting killers and saving lives. As she embarks on her first mission, she learns many lessons in a horror-filled cornfield fighting the scarecrow killer.

Peel dispenses horror film tropes in this unique urban fantasy series. This story pays homage to horror with humor and thrilling action and adds a fresh take on the genre that caters to familiarity but bursts through with new hair-raising thrills. The characters are well-developed, with original voices that come alive through first-person narration. Profanity-laced machismo marks the characters with swagger and renders them believable as hunters that kill. Crimson and Lance’s encyclopedic knowledge of horror movies makes them reliable experts when the killers come to terrorize real-life communities, vulnerable families, and rebellious teenagers. For some, horror movie killers coming to life is their worst nightmare, but for others, it’s the opportunity of a lifetime. Not everyone feels helpless against terrors in cornfields, closets, and sleepovers. The powerful commentary about how fear drives evil but also generates opportunities for bravery offers intriguing and thought-provoking themes for readers.

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