The Land of a Thousand Bridges
by Nana Aberdeen
Partridge Publishing Singapore

"There are secrets so deeply buried within this kingdom that knowing them will shake the very core of your soul."

In this fantasy novel, an unnamed narrator searches for lost narratives containing the history of Asyea-Rei, known as The Land of a Thousand Bridges. The elders of Asyea-Rei hid these forbidden stories within the structures of twelve bridges so that its history wouldn’t be forgotten. The narrative is divided into three shorter books—Children of the Pillars, The Nameless Kingdoms, and The Pool of Atonement—and tells of a country torn apart by two factions fighting for control. The traditionalists, known as the Reians, “had a strong history with the Light Ones, old magic who called themselves Raikhtirians.” Reformists called Mikaners are intent on taking over the kingdom. To do this, they must find and destroy the child known as The White Dove. However, the task isn’t easy, and the Mikaners face opposition from the Reians and their allies.

Aberdeen builds a fascinating world of magical creatures, intriguing characters, and terrifying villains. This inventive tale is imaginative and ingenious. The author creates mesmerizing worlds and surprising plot twists. Though the book is quite long, the captivating storyline holds the reader’s attention throughout. The narrative contains vivid descriptions, engaging dialogue, and an innovative plot. It teems with creatures such as Aduks, “hyenalike beastly giant rodents with two sharp pointed tusks coming out from a large snout filled with razor sharp teeth.” The novel features strange and mystical characters and reveals much about human nature as it explores the deceptions and secrets revealed in the hidden narratives. Also included is a glossary, which is very helpful as it defines the many characters and concepts in the work. Overall, this is a brilliant story and entertaining read.

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