The Lethal Elixir
by Dennis Ross
Archway Publishing

"'I hope this treatment helps. Let’s pray we don’t see others showing up in the emergency room tonight or tomorrow with Ebola.'"

When a hospital lab technician falls deathly ill from what is suspected to be the Ebola virus, Dr. Maggie Hamilton is called in as the resident infectious disease specialist. However, it soon becomes apparent that the afflicted man has not left the country and seemingly hasn't made contact with anyone who may have given him the deadly virus. So how did he get sick? The worst-case scenario proves to be true as FBI agent Mack Johnson is assigned the case of a suspected bio-terrorist attack. A network of Chinese nationalist spies is indeed concocting a more virulent strain of Ebola with the intent of releasing it at key government locations and crippling the U.S. before it can establish a means to prevent such attacks. Will Maggie and Mack uncover the plot before it's too far gone to rein in?

The plausibility of the crisis faced by the characters in this novel and the real-world ways in which they have to first uncover the truth and then prevent further calamity provides a chilling, unsettling level of excitement to this read. The blend of action, science-fiction, thriller, and romance offers every reader a taste of what they're looking for and gels together into an exciting, original narrative. From the very beginning of the book, the stage is set for high-stakes conflict, and the plot never backs down or eases away from that intensity. Using down-to-earth characters provides readers with a touchstone that they can relate to even if they could never dream of being in such a critical moment. Anyone looking to have their pulse quickened and wanting a novel too gripping to put down will be pulled into this modern-day horror story.

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