"I said maybe this one requires the ‘big boss man’s touch’ because ‘clearly, I’m not the one he dreamed would be installing these doors!’"

The author's book is a commendable work that explores the depth and breadth of the human spirit from an ordinary yet supremely human working man's viewpoint. Charming, witty, and brimming with salt-of-the-earth observations and compassion for self and others, the protagonist of this novella will keep readers in suspenseful stitches with his most compelling on-the-job encounters with customers and his off-the-job encounters with the homeless. Many will find that their only quibble with the book is that it's far too short. Leigh effectively turns her female sensibilities inside out, suspending reader disbelief with her rapid-fire, vivid prose and a strong character voice to match. There's no doubt that the author has not just creatively imagined her male protagonist but has also instilled some of her own life lessons into the mix.

Whether the unnamed black garage door guy is installing garage doors for white bigots or sweet little old ladies, battling a vicious dog or intense desert heat, or even being pranked by a paranormal hologram, he has plenty to say about it and holds nothing back. Now and then, the garage door guy also shares vignettes about his childhood, his previous vocations and avocations, and even waxes philosophical on his time off. For example, there's the time when he hilariously brandishes a firearm in the dark of a windy night. When startled neighbors summon the police, he must inform them that a Halloween decoration spooked him on his upstairs balcony. Ultimately, we all see ourselves in such a tale, allowing us to reflect upon the extraordinary circumstances that arise in our ordinary daily lives.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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