The Long Road Home I & II
by West Hand
Book Savvy International

"Your emotions are more powerful since you control the way you move around the universe. However, never take for granted that you can lose your power..."

Sky is a bright little girl, eager to learn and ready to discover what her life journey is all about. She decides to take a different street on her walk to school and meets Old Man Rain. But she later finds he is really a young boy named June. Surprises come one after another, as Sky soon learns when June visits to share information about her parents and their deaths. Adopted siblings Sky and her sister, Ocean, know how much their parents loved them. While they are sad to have lost them, they are intrigued and excited by the prospect of having angels and June watch over them as they learn about their new life in Omohafe. Sky and Ocean develop their understanding of life and Sky’s power over Omohafe, the beautiful planet they moved to from Earth.

Capturing a child’s inquisitiveness, author Amiewalan provides not just a delightful story but a book with lessons about sharing life’s offerings and caring for all living things. For example, she begins with Sky on a normal school day, meeting Old Man Rain, then sharing information about condensation with her classroom. The normal day then vanishes as Amiewalan transitions this story to something rather miraculous and out of this world, introducing the angels their parents sent to watch over the girls. The story unfolds as they tell of Eviler and his family, who poisoned the girl’s parents in their quest for power. In the tradition of a fairy tale, Amiewalan has written a children’s book that will stand the test of time. Young ones will enjoy this tale of beauty and light and dark forces that will take their imaginations into another realm.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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