The Mucker Revolt: The Aneksaria Book 1
by Chris Maries
Gotham Books

"Duncan found his left arm pinned by his own shield. He could barely move or breathe. He felt his head being pulled up, then bashed to the ground."

Cullin is growing up in a world ruled by machines, all led by the Frame. To carry out his tasks and keep the regular humans working properly, the Frame has taken a few humans and cultivated them since birth to be selfish and uncaring. He has enhanced them with technology to be better than the humans, or Muckers, and able to communicate with the machines. He calls them the Divines. The Frame knows that the Muckers’ extinction is on the way and finds this logical. The Frame just needs to keep them working until he can replace them with his own worker machines. Cullin befriends a fallen Divine who helps him become modified and better equipped to take a part in the resistance. With the help of a group of diverse characters, Cullin and his friends strike their first blows against the Frame.

Maries’ first book in his Aneksaria series has fantastic action and creates an interesting world full of elements of both science fiction and fantasy. Cullin is an interesting character, and it is easy for the reader to become interested in his plight and that of the Mucker resistance. There are questions about the worldbuilding to which readers will be unable to find answers, but the engaging setting and intense combat will easily carry them through the story. The pacing is quick, and it makes for an enjoyable narrative. This is a good start for any reader interested in the genre. The story has a well-written hook at the end to entice a search for the sequel.

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