The Noble Tigress
by E.L. Walker

"Both men looked at each other, moving closer. The men in the room quickly made a makeshift circle around the duelers."

The king and queen of Figoldia have three sons. The law of the land deems that the next king will be the one most worthy, regardless of age or rank. The three sons make plans to see the kingdom "in disguise." One of the king's most trusted men, Jacob Stone, is entrusted to watch the princes and keep them safe while reporting on their travels. The boys will meet various people on their journey, but none will be more influential to the princes and Jacob than Bella Andrews, daughter of the notoriously cruel Sheriff Andrews. Bella has taken over the job of raising the sheriff's illegitimate twins. One of the princes has designs to make the throne his own through any means necessary. The sheriff sees this as an opportunity, and he offers Bella to the prince as a mistress to earn the prince's favor.

Walker's story is a quick read and has enough tension to keep it interesting. One thing clear in her writing is that she enjoys stories and storytelling. However, the effectiveness of the narrative would have been enhanced by some additional editing. The plot is full of intrigue and tension and clearly defined good guys and bad guys. Readers who don't like antiheroes or characters who walk in morally gray areas will gravitate to this kind of clear-cut tale. The story does have some action scenes, but it is much more of a medieval drama than an adventure tale. Readers interested in political machinations set in an era of feudalism might find this short read an enjoyable way to spend a few hours.

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