"In today’s technological society, you must fight for good posture every day."

A comic meme appeared several years ago, purporting to show in images the evolution of humans from hunched-over and carrying spears to walking upright and then back to slumped over electronic devices. While the Information Age has brought numerous benefits to humankind, it has not been good for our posture. The problem of poor posture and solutions to it are illustrated in this slim, attractive manual. The authors include two medical doctors with experience in neurology, rehabilitation, and emergency medicine, while the third is a certified yoga instructor. Early chapters delineate the various ways that working on computers and looking at smart devices for long periods of time can harm posture, leading to rounding of the shoulders, stress on the spine, and tightening of the hips and other muscle groups. Later chapters include detailed descriptions and photographic illustrations of yoga poses and stretches that will correct and prevent poor posture.

The book's early chapters make a convincing case for the importance of posture. Versus the pedantic admonition to "sit up straight," the authors show that posture is linked to overall health and well being, workplace productivity, and even career success, as good posture projects confidence. There are several helpful tips given for ergonomics. For example, one can use a document reader to avoid hunching over papers and set up a laptop stand and separate keyboard to make using a laptop more posture-friendly. The guided illustrations of daily exercises that form most of the book are clear and easy-to-follow. As many more people shift to working from home, the suggestions and instructions in this helpful book could not come at a better time.

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