The StarWriters Club
by Mary K. Savarese
Indignor House

"You will deliver The Plan... His Plan to all the stars within His universe where they will be transmitted to the new souls."

In this second book of the author’s trilogy, Savarese showcases an uncanny knack for worldbuilding and character development as she delivers a fantasy adventure revolving around twelve recruits to the heralded StarWriters Club. The author highlights the story of the selected just as they meet their demise. Interestingly, each recruit exhibits unique traits like unconditional selflessness, resolve, and self-sacrifice. As the StarWriters’ essence from the material world dissolves and they become free from suffering, readers are exposed to the full scope of what led to their deaths, such as a traumatic school shooting, a heart-wrenching decision to give one’s heart to her twin at birth, a valiant battle with cancer, and a boating romance gone wrong, among others. What is consistent, however, is that all twelve were young and displayed incredible promise in their earthly forms.

The warmth and glow of the circular band that runs around heaven becomes synonymous with each of the characters’ evolutions, highly reminiscent of the popular rendition of the afterlife-based television show, The Good Life. With butterflies as the vehicle of transport and heightened abilities like flying, the StarWriter apprentices are on a literal seventh heaven with seemingly no obstacle on their path to delivering “His Plan.” A man named Michael oversees the apprentices, though their training is conducted by the strict Ja Crof, who believes the new group will be a handful. In the His Plan room, where hanging clocks blink good or evil, an apprentice’s chance encounter with a flirtatious girl named Isla becomes the catalyst to an ensuing treacherous plot where individual agendas collide with the ultimate goal of the StarWriters to deliver His Plan to the stars for new souls. Overall, Savarese’s writing allows audiences to embark on the adventure along with the StarWriters in this riveting journey to the stars.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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