The Teapot Nobody Wanted
by Pauletta Jackson

"Ms. T felt like hiding under a rock, she was frightened, sad, and hurting inside."

This allegorical tale featuring a beloved teapot, Ms. T, explores adoption and what, unfortunately, can sometimes happen. Ms. T, a beautiful silver teapot, is finally taken by the Eldredge family into their home. Once there, she is happily greeted by Mrs. Eldredge, who tells her husband that they need to host a tea party for their family and friends. However, Mr. Eldredge doesn't like the teapot and, in fact, is jealous of his wife's attention to it. Because of this jealousy and anger, he begins to say ugly things to Ms. T and then hurt her. Ms. T stops shining, and her whistle also starts shrieking. After injuring her further, Mr Eldredge throws the teapot in the trash. Ms. T is scarred inside and out but is taken to an antique shop where a little girl and her mother buy her and take her home. In this new family, she receives a lot of love, even from the father.

This cute but disturbing story is a metaphor for abusive relationships. It shines in its unique focus on abuse and abandonment by someone who is supposed to love the "child" they are responsible for. Ms. T is loved by her "mother" yet horribly abused by her "father," a situation too familiar in some families. On a literal level, children are taught to take care of their belongings. However, on a much deeper level, children learn about abusive situations and hurtful adults. This could serve as a good teaching story for adults to read to older children to help them cope with their thoughts and feelings regarding abuse. The book's overall effectiveness, though, would have been enhanced through some additional editing. Still, the story may help children learn to cope in difficult situations.

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