"Success in life and career are a matter of consistent dedication, not instantaneous results."

The formative teen years can be challenging as young people seek their destinies and harden habits of mind and body that can make or break a future. With the right tools and guiding principles, teens can formulate a plan that can be used as a foundation for life and as a framework for finding a career. This guide offers a practical and clearly communicated plan to help teens foster personal and professional growth that can lead to transformation and a future grounded in seeking success and positivity. Fidelman identifies eight topics for teens to focus on and learn about through informative chapters. Each topic incorporates the expertise of role models that represent a wide range of experiences and interests. These successful people weigh in with advice and inspiration that will motivate readers to reflect and act with resolve to overcome their struggles and seek success.

Fidelman offers a tidy acronym to help readers remember his TICK TOCK formula for success. It is wisely rendered and boldly expressed in this relevant and engaging book. Topics like taming social media, choosing a mentor, and cultivating relationships are just a few of the timely issues that offer insights and evidence to support the book’s suggested course of action. Fidelman is a natural-born motivator who can help readers unlock their true potential and strive for a limitless future of possibility and opportunity. Every chapter offers nuggets of wisdom to inspire growth and better decision making which will have a dramatic overall effect on the future. Fidelman sagely reminds teens to see beyond the now to put habits into practice that will pay dividends down the road.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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