The Trailing Ghost
by Roberto de Haro
Gatekeeper Press

"His skills as a trained assassin, bodyguard, investigator, and counterterrorist were impressive."

James Bond and Jack Ryan have nothing on Dale Lipinski, law school grad, special ops/black ops soldier, and former LASD detective. Suave, cool, and tech-savvy, the ladies' man glibly captures his female colleague's hearts while frequenting intel circles as a specialist for U.S. and Israeli intelligence operations and as a freelance crime-busting vigilante. When a sinister international syndicate steps on too many toes while engaging in the sale of street drugs, weapons, human trafficking, and partnering with corrupt criminal dictatorships, Lipinski circles the globe, visiting major international cities to bring down their operatives. In the process, he is advised by experts in intelligence gathering, hacking, and cybercrime. As the story comes to a deadly conclusion, the backdrop morphs into the familiar territory of a serious new virus emerging from China that threatens to engulf the world in a deadly pandemic.

This fast-paced and deftly plotted tale moves in tandem with current perilous reality. The story occasionally slows and is rendered distant by an overexplanatory narrative style. The suspense is also sometimes diluted by numerous plot lines reaching in multiple directions. Still, the well-researched intelligence and cybercrime scenarios—the plot-driven bones of the tale—and the relentless movement of a diverse web of villains and heroes of all genders will keep readers on their toes and turning pages until the final curtain. Dedicated thriller fans enthralled by cloak and dagger machinations and deadly crime sprees will have plenty to peruse with this new novel and a host of previous books by de Haro featuring the indefatigable Lipinski.

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