The Typhon Affair: Book Two of the Mac Sisco Trilogy
by Lou Earle
PHiR Publishing

"Admiral, there was only four words in the text, “WE ARE ALIVE-JASMINE” Sisco groaned."

This is a riveting espionage thriller, particularly terrifying because of its current-day context. Ex-Navy Seal and NSA elite Special Op intelligence agent Mac Sisco is assigned to prevent the evil Typhon cabal from gaining power and taking over the globe. As the leader of Team Apogee, Sisco must stop these bad actors before it is too late. After receiving a random text, it is clear that Jasmine may still be alive, and time is of the essence. The tracker that was put in her airline bag was discovered by bad guy Gunderson, and he’s decided to use it to his advantage by pretending the plane has crashed, and all on board have perished. What follows is a fast-paced, high-octane thriller that fans of this genre will adore.

Earle has created believable characters with an intense plot to keep his readers engaged. Filled with surprising twists and turns, the novel never lets up in pace or intrigue. The story setting moves across the globe, and indeed in the air, taking readers to dangerous places where Sisco and his team must confront even more tensions and enemies. The dialogue is witty and clever and will keep readers on their toes. Protagonist Sisco is everything a hero should be and then some. He is handsome, courageous, witty, and smart. Fans of Earle’s first novel in this series will not be disappointed by Earle’s second offering, which leaves plenty of room and suspense for the third and final book. Overall, Earle has created a suspenseful and satisfying espionage thriller.

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