The Unfortunate Destiny of our Planet
by Lennart Wingardh

"This book is bringing to life the ancient End of Time prophecies of God as if they were pronounced today."

Author Wingardh presents the results of his studies over the last forty years concerning the coming destruction of Earth based on religious prophecies. His interest began through reading the Holy Bible and the Jewish Torah. Both books contain numerous dark predictions for the end times as revealed by God directly, including the Book of Revelation that vividly portrays the end times and passages such as God’s warning to the prophet Isaiah that the end would be preceded by a loss of sunlight.

Words of warning are also derived from the Qur’an. All three place an emphasis on the ways that Satan seeks to pervert God’s commands. Volcanic events, earthquakes, and progressively worsening weather are mentioned in these spiritual works, phenomena that all readers can recognize as increasingly common. Wingardh notes an asteroid calculated to hit Earth sometime from 2023-2025, marking a schedule for absolute destruction. He reads scripture as God’s attempt to signal his actions and his messengers, or “Warners,” regarding future occurrences, urging them to accept his existence and improve their lives in preparation for the horrific prophecies that will soon be realities.

Wingardh is a Swedish American who was born in Cuba and has traveled extensively, bringing cellular systems to Latin America. His assertions regarding the end of time are arrayed in an organized and erudite manner, offering numerous scriptural references alongside scientific discoveries and the diverse writings of others, along with a few salient photographs. He has constructed this wide-ranging work as both an alert and an encouragement to readers, exhorting them in a closing statement to secure for themselves “a place in the Kingdom of the only Living God.” Wingardh’s book will doubtless be studied and discussed intensively by open-minded readers striving to better understand planetary changes and their ultimate, dreadful purpose.

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