The Unholy Mother
by Enya Wolf
Connlaswell Publishing

"The man on the terrace. I was on the beach. I tried to save him, Jamie. I tried."

Kim and Jamie Steiger are happily married, or so it seems. Archaeologist Jamie is on the brink of celebrity success with the launch of his new TV reality show about the discovery of a shipwreck and its untold treasures. Kim, ever the dutiful wife, joins her husband in the Bahamas along with their toddler son, William. Their adventure stalls when their son goes missing, and subsequently, their world falls apart. Kim is recovering from yet another miscarriage, and their housekeeper offers her some painkillers. After taking them, Kim spirals even further and imagines that her husband is cheating on her. She heads to the beach to clear her head, and while there, her toddler goes missing.

This is a dark thriller with plenty of surprising twists and turns to keep the reader on the edge of their seat. Chapters alternate between Jamie and Kim’s points of view, giving the reader equal insight into how these two characters work and how they feel about each other. Kim, however, turns out to be an unreliable narrator, and everything the reader thought they knew comes into question. The author manages to keep the reader engaged throughout the volatile storyline. Then, five years after their son is stolen, the gut-wrenching truth comes out to both the reader and Jamie. Filled with cruel betrayals and dangerous disappearances, the novel is well crafted from start to finish. The characters are convincing and even terrifying. Fans of psychological thrillers will find much to love in this enthralling novel.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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