The Unstoppable Artist: Discovering the Artist Inside Yourself
by Barbara L. McCulloch
Archway Publishing

"When you allow that creative spirit to flow through you for something that you believe in passionately, your inspiration will guide you."

This inspiring guide for artists presents projects that will help readers unblock their creativity and practice methods to improve drawing and painting techniques. Through purpose-driven tasks, readers and creators can explore creative possibilities, become empowered, and envision new styles for their artwork. McCulloch offers a wide array of practical tasks that will get artists rejuvenated and focused in order to achieve their artistic hopes and goals. Using journal writing, sketchbooks, and reflective practices, McCulloch invites artists to embrace possibilities and passions on the path to producing powerful art that reflects the inner life and personal voice of the artist.

As the book progresses from Part One’s advice on creativity to Part Two’s artistic instruction, an intermission arises with “artistic discovery stories.” These are inspirational stories from artists finding their way through doubt and fear by seeking love, joy, peace, and wisdom. Their experiences serve as guideposts on the journey or even as nudges on the artistic pathway that might get readers moving along in their creative process. These examples and stories contribute masterfully to the overall transformative nature of the discovery and skills projects and the reflective exercises throughout the book.

A creative life can be hard to sustain, but this guide can help with its generous insight and refreshing suggestions. Readers will feel like they have stepped into an artist’s retreat as they workshop their way through each chapter. Actionable and impactful, this book will guide artists through a process of awakening and creativity. The results feel boundless and invigorating as each chapter provokes a deeper connection with the artistic self.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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