The Ways of Wisdom
by Paul Peters

"If we love God and listen and apply His counsel, we will succeed."

Shaping a perspective from the writings of the biblical King Solomon, author and activist Peters has collected words of wisdom regarding how to make the best choices for a successful experience. Using a multitude of examples, Peters demonstrates how even seemingly minor decisions may influence ultimate outcomes. He initiates his thesis by examining the lives of some well-known figures like Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley, whose personal choices landed them in shame and tragedy. Quoting extensively from the Song of Solomon and other portions of the Holy Bible, Peters shows that Solomon, considered by some as the wisest man who ever lived, offered notable advice for a wide array of problems that humans encounter: anger, lust, weak inner discipline, the abuse of power, and the tendency to delay dealing with important crises and conflicted needs. He reminds readers that it is wise to plan, to verify, and, in all things and every step down the road, to remember God and seek His guidance.

Peters draws on a wide variety of experience, having been a chaplain in a jail, serving eight years in the US military, and now dedicating his life to the service of veterans, the homeless, seniors, those with disabilities, and others in need in his North Carolina region. His book is offered as a manual of biblical study melded with human vignettes, both emotive and rational. He clearly illustrates how crucially important it is to develop a relationship with God, who allows all people to make choices, and, when those choices fail, to turn to him once more for forgiveness and comfort and the will to begin anew. Peters’ diligent adherence to scripture and his well-considered interpretations will make this work a lively focus for gathered and single readers who wish to select the best alternatives for living in faith.

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