The Yearbook: A Time-Travel Love Story
by Paul H. Schneiter
LitPrime Solutions

"Many scientists believe backward time travel isn’t likely to happen. That fact notwithstanding, the concept has inspired countless articles, books, television shows, and motion pictures, including this book."

Elizabeth has won a prestigious scholarship to Stanton University. The scholarship, a "full-ride" that includes room, board, and expenses, has some mystery to it as well, as Elizabeth does not know who her benefactor is. Arriving by bus shortly before the school year, she meets her landlady, mysterious Mrs. Ravencroft. The landlady seems kind to her but insists that she address her by her title and name to honor her late husband.

Elizabeth, who is intellectually and socially curious, happens upon a yearbook in her landlady's storage room of Stanton University from 1937. A photograph of a young man, Ryan Richardson, at first attracts then obsesses her. She wants to meet him, and then she does. Elizabeth travels back in time to meet her true love. There, despite obstacles from other sweethearts, some culture clashes because of the differences in decades, and her brief return to the present, Elizabeth and Ryan make a commitment to each other to marry and work for social reform, especially equality between men and women. Ultimately, the mysteries are explained as well.

This easy-to-read book is a small treat. At fewer than fifty pages, it reads like a long short story. There are aspects in it of many other stories about time travel, notably another love story, Somewhere in Time. The characters and certain situations appear to be somewhat predictable: the beautiful, intelligent heroine; the handsome, successful, all-understanding boyfriend; the mysterious landlady; a message left from another time; and newspaper clippings with significant information. However, it's all part of the fun. This is a love story to be enjoyed and happily pondered over. Its illustrations and chapter headings also add to the reader's enjoyment of the journey.

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