Thinking on the Other Side of Zero Part 2
by Alan Joseph Oliver

"My certainty has been about needing an explanation for how and why I think differently…"

Author Oliver has developed a penchant for healing over many years. In his book, he explores some of the reasons why that has happened. A chance conversation with his older brother, when the author was in his sixties, revealed that as a child of four, he had convulsions, an affliction that had killed two of his young brothers during the Great Depression. Since he had no cogent memory of his childhood prior to age four, he began to believe a trip to the hospital to treat his convulsions was his “walk in” moment, when the real Alan was activated. In the Air Force, he had a near-death experience (NDE) that seems also to have contributed to the opening of his consciousness. His uniquely calm exterior led people to recommend him as a healer, an experience in which pertinent questions and solutions would spring to his mind spontaneously. Often, there was also a mystical transmutation of his consciousness to the person seeking healing (in one case, a cat), communicating needed comfort and renewed strength.

Oliver’s book, his second treating with this unusual subject matter, is both a memoir and a treatise, offering education in varying, complex realms based on his experiences of the connections between such widely differing themes as physics and the practice of yoga. Investigating the composition of consciousness, matter, and their relationships led him to read about or meet with such luminaries as physicist David Bohm, yogic teachers Krishnamurti and Patanjali, and his close mentor, Dr. Bevan Reid. As a result, Oliver has himself become an elucidating source of the information he seeks and absorbs. His writing is satisfyingly erudite and pleasantly human scale, touching on a wide range of situations about which many readers may feel an intuitive or intellectual commonality. Fans of his first book will find this one a worthy follow-up.

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