Thoughts, Choices and Alternatives in Life
by Pano George Karkanis
Parchment Global Publishing

"If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way."

Each of the headings in Karkanis' thought-provoking book is a condition, virtue, or another state of being. The author divides each chapter into personal contemplations on the subject as well as quotes from ancient times about the topic, recent ponderings on it by others, proverbs from various countries, and quotations "from the NIV Bible on each subject." The author mentions his family and mentors as loved ones and those who inspired him. The book is a magnum opus of his beliefs, gleaned through years, and endorsed (or sometimes contradicted) by the other sources. The author states, "Some stories disclosed in this manuscript are true." Others, he notes, are fiction, and some are serious. All are either "thumbnail sketches" or short quotes, such as "Fire is the test of gold; adversity is the test of men" by Seneca.

The author's work demonstrates a great deal of diligence, though some additional editing would enhance the overall effectiveness of the work. The text sets out people's thoughts and quotations from sources in ways that effectively balance and counterbalance one another. Doing so provides glimpses into the time of the quote as well as the personalities and experiences of those who are quoted. The result is an entertaining mixture of musings by intellectuals, theologians, politicians, activists, and many others. The diversity of their experiences demonstrates the author's personal quest for appropriate interpretations in a multitude of situations. The book's structure is similar to other works that gather wisdom and wit from multiple sources, such as All the Presidents' Wits: The Power of Presidential Humor. However, its emphasis is on ethics and personal responsibility.

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