Time and Curses: A Love for All Seasons
by Loretta Elaine Jones

"I won’t have need to as long as you remember your hands are just as dirty as mine and one pair washes the other pair clean."

From all outside appearances, Joanie is living a glamorous real-life Cinderella story. She grew up poor in South Carolina. After finishing her law degree, she married James. He is the eldest son in a prestigious wealthy family. They have everything—houses, vacations, cars. It soon becomes evident that behind the façade, Joanie and James never loved each other. She is in love with another man: his brother Bobby. While they dive into a lustful affair that creates endless complications to their already messy lives, James occupies himself with building an empire. He fuels his self-destructive streak with nameless women and drugs.

When James is murdered, there is a whirlwind of lies and money trails. There is proof that money equals power. Much of the information about his murder is buried by high-level officials. It is up to Detective Randall to sort through the chaos of accusations to find evidence. As his investigation heats up, the tension between rural and urban cultures surface along with personal vendettas.

The author employs dynamic family relationships and intrigue to develop the story. There are secrets behind every door. Characters are evocatively portrayed with compelling insight into their psyches. Natural, realistic dialogue reveals them as multidimensional players in a complex plot with thrilling twists. Detailed descriptions of breathtaking views of Lake Murray and other southern locals serve as the backdrop for intricate characters embroiled in webs of filial duty, passion, greed, and hate. Authentic depictions of music and food highlight the importance of culture. Jones skillfully delivers a narrative that is part mystery, romance, and drama. This fast-paced book will have readers enthralled and guessing until the end.

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