by Patrick R. Carberry

"The images remind him of a traumatic event he witnessed 15 years earlier. But… how could this reappear now?"

In this philosophical thriller, a researcher’s new technology uncovers both dangerous and world-shaking information. After a storied career in both the army and the FBI, Professor Peter Morley enjoys his quieter position in academia. In his studies of the behavior of neutrinos, he has discovered that if neutrinos pass through a person experiencing a traumatic event, they can create a hologram depicting the event. As Morley and his assistant study holograms of this traumatic energy, which they call Traumergy, they accidentally uncover a crime whose revelation has fatal consequences. Morley must reunite with some old friends from the FBI to figure out the original traumatic event and who wants to keep it hidden. He also finds evidence that Traumergy has deeply holy origins, the discovery of which could change the faith of many.

Fans of political and action thrillers like Reacher or the Jack Ryan series will find much to enjoy in Morley’s backstory as well as his relentless pursuit of the truth. Morley is an admirable, unflappable lead. The moment his family becomes endangered because of his research, he sends them on a vacation and calls in reinforcements for his investigation. While the novel takes a turn away from action and into religious philosophy at points, the author prevents the change from being jarring by presenting his protagonist as a man of deep religious conviction from the start. The author deftly inserts technological conversations between the characters to explain the book’s science fiction elements without overwhelming the narrative. Traumergy is an interesting science fiction concept, and Peter Morley is an enjoyable character who helps bring it to life.

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