"I had no idea of the trouble I was walking into."

In this mesmerizing true tale, the author details her search for truth and justice after the death of her husband. While uncovering the circumstances of her husband's death, she learns what to her is irrefutable evidence of foul play. The book traces her efforts to reveal the truth and bring the person she believes responsible for the death to justice. Redman takes the reader on a harrowing ride as she tells of the obstacles of shoddy police work and an unwavering medical examiner that seemed to defy all reason. Not only is this the story of dubious law enforcers, but it is also a cautionary tale of how drugs can seep into one's life even after years of sobriety, destroying everything one once held dear. It tells of her husband's ultimate demise into the dark world of relapse and his relationship with a young woman who had much to gain by his death.

This disturbing tale is an account that leaves the reader wondering about the justice system in America. Through every step, the reader experiences the same frustration as the author in her quest for truth. Her steadfast and relentless pursuit of truth is admirable. Redman has a knack for bringing the reader into her tale and making them feel her emotional turmoil as her quest is thwarted at every turn. One finds oneself pulling for this widow as she navigates a legal system that ignores the evidence presented. This story evokes many emotions as well as questions concerning the American justice system. The book is a fascinating read, and Redman's story stays with the reader long after the book has reached its conclusion.

Honorable Mention in the 2022 Eric Hoffer Book Award Memoir Category

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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