Typhoon Honey: The Only Way Out is Through
by Kris Girrell and Candace Sjogren
MSI Press

"You are the undisputed and sole author of your future and you absolutely get to be the source of your grand story."

This professional self-help book begins by "laying a foundation of some core principles." In four sections, seven chapters explore topics such as how everything is connected, perception, circumstances, defense systems, responsibility, the source, and examining one's own life. The core message is the importance of change, including changing beliefs, feelings, and actions that lead to transformation. It is the importance of growing into the source, which is about owning your own world. Throughout the book, teaching stories and exercises are utilized. From the beginning where seeing how everything in life is connected to the focus on one's physical, mental, spiritual/emotional, and relationship health, readers are offered a menu of growing, healing, and personal and professional development.

The initial chapter nicely reveals what the authors will be examining throughout the book. Looking at one's life through the trials and tribulations and the coping skills and the successes of others brings life to this book of sometimes difficult concepts. The importance of living life as "both/and" instead of "either/or" reveals a depth of consciousness that one needs to embrace to fulfill one's destiny. Examining those defenses that keep one stuck offers the reader a way to work through them to become transformative and forgiving. Learning how to become more responsible and focusing on abundance instead of scarcity are also valuable life lessons that the text provides. The stories and exercises give practical and relatable ways for the reader to connect to the content on a deeper level. Overall, this is an excellent read for those on a path of transformation.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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