"Let us be cognizant of the fact that the only source of uninterrupted power supplies ever existed; is the connection between man and the omnipotent power source!"

This brief but poignant work is filled with the author's reflections on how one can navigate the difficulties of the tragedies that are bound to affect the lives of all humans. Having written an earlier treatise concerning this subject after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attack on the Twin Towers in New York City, Johnson is not new to contemplating the topic. He pulls heavily from this earlier work to discuss dealing with universal grief. He also uses analogies to explore his Christian faith and how that faith has helped him through personal as well as collective grief, such as the grief brought on by the terrorist attacks and the recent pandemic. Each chapter addresses a specific aspect of life's trials, such as failure, depression and rejection, and defeat. Advice is interspersed throughout this Christian-themed book.

This quick read offers a broad spectrum of subjects within its pages. The author's sincere wish to provide readers with a helpful and inspirational guide is evident in each analogy and personal story he offers. The short biographical sketches of famous people are a nice touch. Including well-known people of all walks of life assures that whoever reads the book will find several relatable figures to foster inspiration. The author makes it clear that his greatest desire is to bring his faith to his readers. He uses scriptures throughout to illustrate his beliefs and shed light on how he arrived at them. Though the book is short, the author hits upon several subjects, all dealing with coping in the time of adversity. Readers desiring a quick self-help reference filled with interesting facts will find one here.

Category Finalist for the 2021 Eric Hoffer Book Award

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