Unspoken Truth: From A Buried Past
by Kylen Barron

"I am very blessed that God has shown me how to heal, even if it was a little later in life."

In this memoir, Barron explores the emotional and physical abuse she went through from childhood to adulthood at the hands of her parents. She also tackles her strained relationship with her mother. Her mother never showed her love or attention, and Barron could not comprehend why her mother hated her and her siblings so much. After her parents split up, her mom became more enraged and paranoid. For example, she accused her daughters of sleeping with their father and was jealous of their relationship with him. After her mother's death, a rift developed between her and her siblings. On top of that, she discovered her mother's buried secret.

The author clearly expresses how she felt about how her mother treated her over the years. The author was always trying to gain her love and approval. When her mother became ill, she hoped to get closer to her. Ultimately, this hope was in vain. Barron also tackles the theme of self-worth in the book, as she had to learn to love herself despite the lack of love from her mother. Over the years, the author went through counseling and embraced the power of God. Through the words of the Lord, she accepted his love and appreciation. The readers will find this memoir intriguing because it navigates the quest for truth, forgiveness, love, and healing. The author does not hold back about her past and genuinely offers an honest overview of her journey. She deftly guides the readers through her process and hopes to inspire others.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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