Wake Up Listen Up or Go Down
by Robert “Bob” Dobranski, MDiv
Author Reputation Press

"When the Universe starts falling apart, then men will finally realize who is doing this to them."

Author Dobranski combines his wide-ranging knowledge with intensive research into Christian scripture to create this exploration of biblical prophecies and their deeper meaning. He begins with a thorough examination of the Two Prophets of the Book of Revelation who, in the end times, will carry the message of Jesus, exhorting human beings to repent and sin no more. The author designates these two unnamed spiritual seers as a combination of Jesus and Moses and Elijah and John the Baptist. Their words will result in Christ’s return, a resurgence of true faith, and a church united without worldly divisions. But before that ultimate conclusion will come upheaval—the Apocalypse, the rise of the Anti-Christ, and apostasy.

The latter is an issue that Dobranski focuses on particularly. He believes that “many Professing Christians lack commitment,” and many self-identified preachers and church leaders steer their flocks astray with “schemes of the Devil.” Lukewarm faith, he asserts, serves no purpose. Therefore, apostasy must disappear, while those who truly believe the visions and admonitions of the Two Prophets will become New Testament Saints.

Dobranski, who has been a Christian educator and preacher in a non-denominational church for many years, has collected the material for this highly detailed treatise with obvious diligence and a genuine zeal to share what could be seen as a warning, and a promise, to all serious Christians. He takes an objective stance, letting the plethora of quotations from the Book of Revelation and other texts provide the proof that supports his thesis. He alerts the reader that God’s followers do not use secretive methods because God is available to all, “not hiding anything.” This strongly worded message will form a powerful basis for serious, studious Christians seeking further clarification about the end times and God’s intentions for His people.

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