Walk a Thin Wire: A Novel
by Gordon N. McIntosh

"Sutherland had learned from fateful experience that courage and foolhardiness were opposite sides of the same coin."

It’s 1995, and a young Doug Sutherland is on a boat with his father and his friend when they encounter a man on a life raft. The gentleman is a refugee who has fled the restrictive confines of the island of Cuba. Before getting on the bigger boat, the man appears to throw a fellow passenger overboard and is clinging to a case.

Twenty-five years later, Doug Sutherland finds himself embroiled in mysteries that harken back to that fateful trip. Doug’s friend, Sam Baskin, is a professor turned journalist working on multiple breaking stories. His work has major ramifications for a pharmaceutical company. However, some parties don’t want Sam’s exclusive scoop to be revealed. Men with means have reached out to ensure this. Sam isn’t safe, and by extension, neither is Doug. A cover-up of a crime often entails many bodies in its wake.

McIntosh’s novel is a mystery/thriller that continually drops twists and turns in its narrative, captivating readers and keeping them turning pages until the very end. He has crafted a plot that combines corporate and political conspiracy but manages to be refreshing in its unfolding. Doug is a protagonist who has danced with danger in the past but doesn’t cower in the face of adversity. His loyalty to family and friends makes him a deadly foe to any and all conspirators. The theme of fate and its fickleness runs strongly throughout the story, showing especially how actions can have unintended consequences for decades. McIntosh strikes gold with his fast-moving drama where being paranoid doesn’t mean the next bullet may not be meant for you.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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