Walking with Two Shadows
by Margo Bowblis
Animal Soul Affirmations

"With respect, love, and humility, I join you in mourning the loss of your beloved Lakota. He truly was a Master."

In her previous book, the author detailed the unexpected introduction and powerful impact that her second dog, Zeak, had on her life, becoming an important member of her family and leaving an indelible change on her. After Zeak’s passing, she noticed both changes in herself—leading to her discovery of being an animal empath who can understand the feelings of animals—and her original dog, Lakota, whose behavior changed significantly to help her cope with the loss of Zeak. This book continues that journey, describing key moments in her life where she felt that she was being watched over by Zeak. It also recounts the end-of-life journey for Lakota, leading to more heartbreak and sorrow and, again, the unexpected surprise of a new dog in her life.

Sharing grief is always a challenge because it requires more than one person to feel the pain. However, if it can be a strengthening force, it becomes a noble deed. By sharing not only her pain but also the testimonials and stories of others who have lost pets and, more importantly, still felt and witnessed their continued presence in their lives, this book can serve as a great comfort for anyone dealing with having a sick, old, or recently deceased family pet. Heartwarming photos, personal recollections, and even bits of poetry will open up the readers’ hearts and give them the opportunity to fully reflect upon and appreciate the myriad ways that dogs, cats, or other pets can teach valuable lessons about love, service, and joy.

A 2023 Eric Hoffer Book Award Category Finalist

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