Wanda's Tower
by Robert Beatty

"I feel like the world is there for me but doesn't have a hold on me."

Wanda is a free-spirited woman. She is an on-the-road repair and installation technician for a major phone company by day, and a sexual huntress by night, picking up men in bars for intense one-night stands. Ever since Wanda's awakening in her teenage years overhearing two individuals in the throes of passion, Wanda has sought out that same passion and thrill, tied to no name, no identity, and no man. The elusive horizon on the road is Wanda's true love.

Recently divorced and getting over his feelings about his cheating ex-wife, Chuck is Wanda's latest target in her escapades. When the two link up, they're both operating under false assumptions, which turns into complications when they meet again onsite at work the next day. While Wanda can't deny her attraction to Chuck and even breaks her own rules by sleeping with him more than once, she's conflicted about giving up her current lifestyle. Will the feelings between her and Chuck make her change her ways?

The author's sex scenes are fantastic. There are no odd descriptions for body parts, and the sex has its own rhythm and candidness. There's a balance between what the partners are doing and what they're feeling. Wanda is usually the person in control during the sex acts, but she's not made into a caricature of a sexually dominant woman. Beatty's book is an erotically charged tale with page after page of explicit sex. But it is also about the celebration of a woman's agency and control of her life. Wanda is an intelligent, goal-oriented woman interested in electronics and radio, and she's fashioned her life in such a way that it is fully enjoyable.

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