"It wasn't a reporting job, but I didn't care. All I knew was that I got a job in my field of choice!"

Many people are looking to transition to a new career in today's world. Spurred by the pandemic, people are taking a closer look at their career paths and considering new options in their fearless pursuit of increased job satisfaction. The author's advice will help people "leverage experience, knowledge, and skills" as they pursue a new career that might require a more circuitous route rather than the typical linear path forward. Combining practical advice, motivational examples, and engaging self-inventories, Lyons' expert guide will help career switchers through the challenging job search process. Lyons firmly roots her guidance in the belief that people should find jobs that bring them joy and that align with their values. So, she begins by helping job searchers identify these things through exercises and questions. She then moves into the nuts and bolts of the search process, including resume writing, cover letter creation, and interviewing. Other highlights include identifying transferable skills, explaining resume gaps, and what to do when an offer is made.

Lyons communicates her objectives with clarity and authority. Each chapter is focused, detailed, and topical. She seeks to motivate but also gives meaningful advice that helps to demystify the job search process, which can feel unwieldy and overwhelming and constantly like a long shot into the dark. Reading this book will put job searchers in control of the process and likely embolden people to turn off the straight and narrow career path and wind their way around to something new and rewarding. Filled with actionable tools and helpful examples, Lyons' book helps to alleviate the fears that often accompany the career pivot that people may be considering in the wake of the pandemic. Many people are finding openings that weren't there before or seeing their jobs in a new light after the shake-up of the past years. This timely guide will help readers lean into the power of this moment to find jobs that will fulfill them and meet their needs as the landscape of the workforce changes and adapts.

Lyons' expertise is evident as she shares her own career path with all its unexpected detours. She couples this with case studies of clients who have successfully used her proven methods and strategies in the job search process. The result is an authoritative guide that will help readers do the interior work of finding what they want to do and the exterior work of reaching potential employers. Lyons inspires readers to move from a place of fear and complacency regarding their career into a place of passion and excitement for possibility. Her energy is palpable, and her belief in the career transition process is inspiring and full of optimism rooted in action and proven results. The author's go-to guide is a must-have during the employment revolution. Job seekers have the playbook they need to manage their job search and launch themselves onto a better career track. Lyons empowers readers to choose what they want and what they don't, and her book will offer support throughout the process.

Winner of the 2022 Eric Hoffer Book Award Self-Help Category

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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