We Came In Like The Wind
by Andrea Fahselt
Writers Branding

"What comforts me is how quiet my mind and calm my soul."

In this poetry collection, readers discover introspective poems exploring romance, desire, existence, and nature. The speaker asks questions like, “Do you reach and miss me?” and “Do you miss me?” In other poems, the desire to write fuels the speaker’s life as they take “a break from carrying the burden of thoughts.” Additional pieces explore the necessity of expressing one’s emotions as a means of not remaining “caged by hidden steel.” Rejuvenation in a world of stressfulness, wearing, and tearing also appears as the speaker turns to nature as a healing force. The poems offer reminders that life’s sailing is never smooth, but hope might be found in another person. In fact, passion for another is a common theme in the collection. For example, in one poem the speaker makes a promise to “pull the covers / to reveal the cluster of stars / all in the name of you.”

The collection’s incorporation of natural symbols and imagery gives the collection a transcendentalist voice. Each poem is brief, and the brevity reinforces the imagery. The poems encourage readers to look to nature for emotional and personal restoration. Some of the verses even encourage readers to develop empathy when meeting others and forming relationships with them. The speaker inspires readers, exhibiting a deep understanding of self-awareness. These poems will appeal to readers who enjoy poems expressing passion, desire, and devotion. For those who are new to poetry, these verses are written in a way that is accessible and not daunting. Thus, it is a great collection for those who are just beginning their poetry reading or writing journeys.

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