We Have Something to Say!
by Sonia Myers
Atmosphere Press

"What I meant is that I want to make a difference so that our planet isn’t ruined before I even get a chance to see it, or anyone else."

In this inspiring middle-grade novel, Myers goes above and beyond in developing an engaging plot that also serves to educate young adults—if not adults too—on the importance of taking care of the environment and the long-term damages that plastic has on the planet. Jenny Barajas has always lived more inside of her head than outside of it. She's afraid to ask questions in class, afraid to voice her opinions because of the judgment she might receive from those around her. She thinks that they consider her an airhead because of it, but when Ms. Morgan, her new science teacher, steps into her life, Jenny finally learns something worth remembering.

Seeing how large the Pacific Ocean is, how most of the earth is water with only a small amount drinkable, Jenny becomes obsessed with learning more about it and how she might join the movement for environmental awareness and justice. From big dreams to sizeable steps, Jenny's character development is well done. She goes from blind passion to activist through curiosity, research, and the help of her once estranged sister, her parents, Ms. Morgan, and all of her classmates.

Though the story revolves around creating environmental awareness in the youth, it is so much more than that, as Jenny must mend her relationship with not only her sister but also old friendships. Beyond exploring a young girl discovering her voice, Myers portrays the strengths of a community and how age is irrelevant when it comes to finding a passion for something. Jenny and her classmates are examples of youth who care and have the ability to make a change despite being young. It just takes one step at a time.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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