We See Something Moving
by Trisha Lochan

"We see something moving. We see 1 fire truck. Where is it going? What is it doing?"

The story is geared primarily toward preschool-aged children. Two brothers are looking out a window at a variety of moving objects. Some are machines, and some are animals. They comment on what they observe in a repetitive, easy-to-memorize (and anticipate) structure. The brothers use multiple senses to convey their observations. The objects and animals appear in a sequence in the story as well as in a group after it. Children can practice memorization and motor skills by reading or participating in the story.

The author's book features illustrations by Salvador Capuyan of trucks, buses, dogs of different species, airplanes, leaves, and cars of different colors and models. Balloons, clouds, and raindrops also contribute to the scene, with the number of each thing seen increasing by one on each page. The story incorporates tasks that facilitate counting from one to ten, the use of repetitive words, and the reader's participation in the story through drawing and coloring objects and recognizing them on an "everything page" at the end of the book. There is also a "prompt page" for parents and teachers to stimulate children's attention and interest.

The use of repetition and familiar situations bring to mind other children's books, from the classic The Little Engine That Could and Pat the Bunny to Llama, Llama, Red Pajama and What Do You See? The structure facilitates children's learning and activities in ways that are fun as well as stimulating. The ideal audience for this book is children from eighteen months to five years of age, but those older than five will probably also enjoy this colorful, fun work.

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