"God is a remarkable teacher."

Written with the sincere purpose of clarifying scripture, author Case quotes freely from varying biblical texts and offers her own synonyms and simple terms to make significant spiritual points accessible. She believes that many well-meaning people have given up on reading the Bible because of challenges in understanding its language.

Each chapter treats with a different aspect of Christian spirituality and includes multiple biblical quotations along with Case’s explanations and recommendations. She covers a wide variety of significant elements—love for and trust in God, the power of private and shared prayer, the need to remain vigilant against the forces of evil, the power of sharing, and the need to learn to forgive. In her interpretation, loving others doesn’t mean to “be a pushover” but simply to give others the benefit of the doubt. Forgiveness is not a feeling but an action that must be taken for the sake of the forgiver as much as the forgiven. She strongly prompts her readers to begin now to follow a righteous, God-endowed path here on earth aimed at fulfilling God’s plan to greet them in Heaven.

Case is a Christian educator and writer with direct experience in crusades and ministries. Her approach to biblical teaching is based on her experiences, which have led her to urge readers to choose the version of the Holy Bible and the most comfortable, God-centered church environment that will help them truly grasp the many subtleties of Christian-based life. Her re-stating of the Bible’s wording includes straightforward imagery of such necessary religious practices as watching one’s words, calling on Jesus in times of trouble, and surviving through hard times. This solid, readily comprehensible counsel will make Case’s work a comfort and inspiration to individuals and a lively subject for discussion with others.

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