"Recent statistical analysis suggests that approximately 50% of adult Americans suffer at least one form of cardiovascular disease."

For anyone who has ever wanted to know more about the heart, Levine has written a book completely devoted to the most important organ in the human body. The book delivers a thorough investigation of the heart with all its functions and ailments. Dedicated to simplifying complex medical jargon, the author writes with the patient in mind. The book describes the normal functions of the heart, as well as disease abnormalities and successful therapies.

Levine is a well-established doctor in his field, with over fifty years of experience treating patients. From the beginning, it is clear that he is concerned about misinformation found on the internet and in other non-professional references. He has written a concise and practical book about the heart, its incredible abilities, and the warning signs that should be taken seriously. Although the book is filled with professional medical advice, the author writes with an easy voice that keeps the reader's attention page after page. Throughout the book, Levine alludes to the fact that doctors are often rushed through patient visits. He acknowledges that time management must be considered, but more time is generally needed to inform patients about their hearts fully. After all, he states, cardiovascular disease is experienced by half of the adult population in America.

The book is broken down into short, clearly written chapters, which works well to help the reader remain focused on the plethora of information it delivers. Levine also incorporates simple diagrams and sketches to keep the material as simple as possible. From identifying smaller parts in the cardiovascular system to discussing diseases and ailments that can plague the heart, Levine has produced a thorough and insightful book that is enjoyable and fascinating.

Winner of the 2022 Eric Hoffer Book Award Health Category

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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