What the Three As One Revealed to Me
by Phyllis Ames-Bey
Phyllis Ames-Bey Publishing

"Abba Father knows no limits and does not have limits on Him."

In this compilation of scriptures and commentary, the author uses writings gathered over seven years, which were compiled in a twenty-four-hour period from November 21, 2021, to November 22, 2021. The book is an intimate portrait of Ames-Bey’s “relationship with Abba Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit as one entity.” Chapters include evocative titles such as “Being a Soldier in God’s Army,” “Having a Relationship with God,” “How We Know Jesus Exists and Why,” “Obedience to God,” and “The Spiritual Revolutionary Revival of the Holy People of God.” The author also includes chapters that deal with women’s equality and political issues.

In this short volume, Ames-Bey includes pertinent scriptures that touch upon each of the chapter topics as well as her own personal experiences with gleaning meaning from scripture. Throughout the book, she offers encouragement for others to read the Bible and pray for God’s enlightenment personally. It is evident from the start that the author is compelled to share her understanding of scripture and God’s relationship to humanity. Her sincerity in hoping to bring others to a belief in God, especially the doctrine of the Trinity as one entity, comes through on each page. Ames-Bey candidly reveals personal stories and encounters to help those who read her work. Though her book is brief, it holds a great deal of important biblical passages that reveal exactly what is expected of believers. The narrative serves as a welcoming invitation into the life of the author as well as into the body of Christ. In short, this is a good reference book for anyone looking for spiritual guidance.

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