"Faith is confidence, often based upon past experiences, that God's new and fresh surprises will surely be ours."

Set primarily in the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, this memoir about faith, written through letters, is a source of inspiration for the reader to grow in their faith-building. Chatham shares her family's many struggles with battling cancer, including the miraculous fight of both of her sons with the deadly disease. As one son battled brain cancer during the pandemic, Chatham wrote encouraging letters filled with song lyrics to bring joy and love amidst a frightening period of seclusion.

Even though this journey could easily pull one away from God, the author demonstrates how this experience of mothering her sons through their suffering has helped her to be a faith-filled person in her day-to-day life. The majority of the book consists of inspirational song lyrics and their application to life to draw the reader closer to Christ. At the end of the memoir, Chatham shares twelve simple yet powerful faith-building strategies to encourage the reader to be a Christian no matter the circumstance.

Told from a first-person perspective, this book is a compilation of letters, song lyrics, memoir writing, and tips for Christians. The author's goal is to motivate the reader to strengthen their Christian faith and live it out every day of the week. The purpose of the title is not revealed until the epilogue, where all of Chatham's experiences and lessons are compiled into the previously mentioned twelve tips that successfully illustrate how to grow a stronger, more resilient faith. The Christian reader, especially one with a deep appreciation for music and song lyrics, will find this book inspiring.

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