While Their Parents Were Sleeping…
by Patti Pavolko

"And I will love you forever and ever… no matter what."

Kinley is an energetic little girl who doesn’t like going to bed. She is so full of wonder at life that she worries about wasting a single moment of it. But one day her Grammy tells Kinley to repeat a saying right before going to sleep related to how much they care for each other. When Kinley does, it is like a magical spell. Her Grammy comes, and they have adventures together in a vast forest while Kinley is dreaming. Over the course of several short stories, Kinley makes friends with forest creatures and wakes up each morning to evidence of her dream exploits. Other members of her family even manage to join in on the adventures as well. Asleep or awake, Kinley is thus able to stay active and have fun.

One of the fascinating things about this story is the mechanic of the grandmother being able to visit Kinley in her dreams, assuming the role of a companion and guide amid their late-night adventures. It is a refreshing ability and very memorable. This story is also a wonderful way to encourage children to fall asleep at bedtime and enjoy where they might go in their dreams. There is an emphasis on sleep as another opportunity for them to have a good time rather than as something where they can only slow down or be inactive. The wholesome atmosphere of each short story and the beautiful illustrations make this book a perfect read for any children who might be of the same mind as Kinley in wanting to stay awake past their bedtime.

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