"The main question of 'Who is Jesus Christ?' is satisfied when it answers the trueism of Christ throughout the entire Holy Bible."

In this work, author Howard creates thirty-nine flashcards as a companion to his earlier narrative by the same name. Each card offers aspects of biblical teaching underpinning the author's basic thesis: Jesus Christ was present and an integral actor in every part of human history, from the creation story in Genesis to the prophecies of the book of Revelation at the Bible's conclusion. The cards incorporate numerous sources, from the author's own words to quotations from and references to other scholars to the scriptures themselves. Howard asserts that Jesus was the "Word" so named in the creation story. In Genesis, God says, "Let there be light." The New Testament states, "Christ is the light of the world." Jesus preached on the existence of hell, which God created to contain sinful humans after the fall. And as Howard wisely points out, it was through Jesus that the idea of salvation came into being.

Howard is a retired military veteran and, since 1988, an ordained minister who writes extensively about biblical truth. Each card in this diligently organized collection reinforces the connection between both major portions of the Bible. Howard traces the first family, that of Adam and Eve, through its expansion until the time of the great flood, from the descendants of Noah to the birth of Abraham that "anchored" the Hebrews as a nation, to the birth of Jesus. The latter often cited the ten commandments given by Moses as necessary to a righteous life. Through this history and using cogent examples, Howard builds his case that Christians can securely study and follow both Old and New Testament sources to strengthen their faith. Howard's presentation of these complex ideas in an easily accessible flashcard format will make their further exploration by serious readers both inviting and intriguing.

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