Who Killed Coriolanus?
by Ron Fritsch
Asymmetric Worlds

"The mad King Timon of Rome would order the arrests of the republican traitors, find them guilty of treason and sentence them to die."

In this thoroughly researched book, readers learn the story of Timon, who, after growing up in a Greek orphanage, discovers his true identity: he is the last surviving member of the Trojan royal family. Accompanied by his companion, Lukas, Timon travels to republican Rome after a special invitation. As Lukas and Timon befriend their special host's son, Marco, readers follow the trio into the realms of history typically unexplored by common scholars. After returning to Rome, the three young men navigate brutal elections which threaten Marco's father. As Timon struggles for his rightful place among his people, the narrative reveals the political rivalry, jealousy, and the nuances of social class that defined a person's destiny at this point in history.

With the power of other historical works such as I, Claudius, this book transports its audience into the past. The book's magic lies in its alternating narratives, which give readers multiple perspectives on the same situation or event. While modern scholars often debate the legitimacy of Coriolanus' story, this book feeds on the myths and legends surrounding the general. The book's focus on the common people and the often nefarious politics behind elections makes it a relevant read that reminds readers that history lies not so far from the present in regard to human nature and its motivations. This book takes the best elements of historical fiction and a mystery thriller and combines them to form an engaging read perfect for history lovers of all ages. Even those unfamiliar with the Roman era of history will find its plot easy to follow.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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