Who Needs Nappies? Not Me!
by Justine Avery
Suteki Creative

"Who wears diapers? Not me!"

In this colorful and fun children's book, young readers meet a variety of children asking a variation of the question, "Who wears nappies?" With I'm-a-big-kid-now gusto, each child proudly answers, "Not me!" Their encouragement motivates young readers to leave those nappies and diapers behind. Along the way, however, young readers also learn the dos and don'ts of bathroom hygiene and etiquette. Small pearls of wisdom about the importance of washing one's hands, not playing in the toilet, and not playing with the toilet paper come to light, reinforcing the importance of good bathroom hygiene. By the book's end, young readers have a unique and inclusive cast of stars who serve as positive role models for one of the biggest steps a child can take.

Colorful illustrations by Seema Amjad reinforce the positive messages this book details. Thanks to these illustrations, the work truly comes to life, and young readers are sure to engage quickly with the book because of them. Because of the artwork's inclusive portrayals, young readers are sure to find a role model with whom they can relate. Parents will most likely appreciate this book for its easy readability. The accessibility makes this book one that children will want to read over and over. The text also allows for parents to open their own discussions about bathroom etiquette and hygiene. At the same time, the illustrations offer yet another level of conversation, one that allows young readers to practice decision-making and critical thinking. In the tradition of the author's similar books for small children such as Everybody Pees! and Everybody Poops!, this is an excellent potty-training tool for parents to use with their little ones.

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