"It’s amazing what a dead girl can do in eight minutes. Take me, for example. I met God."

In a near-death encounter in 1975, author Jones—at the time an atheistic, drug-using college student—talks to God. A disembodied announcement of “You are at my front door” and a pulsating light convince her. But most amazingly, God has a sense of humor. He invites her questions and fields them in a way both amusing and profound. He has neither color nor gender, and she can call him any name she likes. She asks him why there are still monkeys if, as Darwin stated, they had all turned into humans. God laughs and tells her that even Darwin told him that was just a theory. Discussing evolution, he uses a phrase that he will often repeat: “Time will tell.” He admits not always understanding why humans act self-destructively, but they have minds and hearts and must use them as they choose. Before God releases her to return to life, she asks him what seems to be the best question.

Jones, a radio personality and political satirist now concentrating on writing after a bout with cancer, is known for her amusing slant on current events. Taking the same approach to religion, she has composed a lively look at the Almighty that will likely engage readers. It will perhaps open the minds of some to the possibility that God exists, gives humans a chance at the best life has to offer, and then observes, sometimes perturbed but often amused at the choices people make. The scene is artfully set to allow the reader’s imagination free rein, and the conversation has a natural, free-flowing feeling. The epilogue reveals Jones as profoundly dedicated to seeking the will of God in her everyday life, a conclusion that many will find inspiring.

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